Steps of Choosing the Right Course to Study in Slovenia

There are several study programmes offered in Slovenia. Choosing one from them is hard. Read on the steps of “Choosing the Right Study Programme in Slovenia”:

Define your Goals

Know your goals and objectives.  Define your academic and professional goals. What do you hope to get out from the study abroad in Slovenia?


Once you know what you have to do, explore the programmes offered by higher education institutions in Slovenia. Find out whether the programme relates to your goal. Make a list of institutions that offer the programme you want to pursue. Visit the website of the institution and know more about the programme- the structure, credits, subjects, whether it has any extracurricular offerings, such as field trips or language courses, etc. 

Campus Visits

Visit the campus of the institution shortlisted. Go to the study abroad office and talk to the faculty and students present there and know more about the institution and its offerings. The students present in the campus would have a wealth of information and experience-based advice. 


Once you have decided the programme and institution, start applying. Apply directly to the institution of your choice. 

Admission Requirements

The basic admission requirement for university undergraduate studies is the Matura (Maturitetno spričevalo) examination. The admission prerequisite for the postgraduate studies leading to a Master’s degree is a university undergraduate degree or an equivalent degree diploma; and for doctorate studies is a Master’s degree or its equivalent. 

Students who are accepted will receive a letter of acceptance from the institution. 


After receiving the acceptance letter, arrange for accommodation. Higher education institutions in Slovenia provide student residence halls. Also, private flats or rooms are available. The costs vary depending upon the lifestyle, location and amenities.

Study Visa

After your admission is confirmed, apply for study visa/permit. Students from EU countries do not require a visa in order to enter Slovenia. Such students must possess a valid passport or identity card. If such students wish to stay in the Republic of Slovenia for a period of more than 3 months, then they must register their place of residence at the local administrative within 3 months of their arrival. Students from Non-EU countries are required to get a visa in order to enter and study in Slovenia. 


The Government of Slovenia offers scholarships and grants to Slovene and international students. There are state scholarships, loans and other financial support provided to students.
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