Education System in Sao Tome and Principe - An Overview

Sao Tome and Principe or the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is located in the Gulf of Guinea of the western coast of Central Africa. It is an archipelago comprising of two islands, namely Sao Tome and Principe. After Seychelles, this is the smallest country of Africa.

The climate of Sao Tome and Principe is tropical with an average temperature ranging between 27 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The days remain hot and humid with the nighttime temperature dropping to a great extent.

The compulsory education, as mentioned earlier, is for the primary level only. All children that reach the age of six have to be enrolled to any of Sao Tome and Principe’s primary school. For six years, parents can save on education expenditures as it is free.

After completion of primary school, Sao Tomeans can then proceed to secondary school. Duration of secondary school education is 6 years. Due to lack of resources very few students completes secondary level of school. However, those pass secondary school can chose for higher education in Sao Tome and Principe or go abroad.

The quality of education in Sao Tome and Principe has been on the rise since 2014 due to the implementation of its Quality Education for All Project, which addresses the needs to improve the qualifications of teachers and get grants from organizations such as Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the World Bank to support the project.

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