Parenting Tips for Gadget Geek Kids

"Change is the only constant thing" seems to be the motto of today's generation. Nothing seems to interest them except media in various forms-be it computers, iPod, mobile phones, video games or television.  Their continuous  demands to buy the latest gadgets and addiction to the them are giving parents lot of sleepless nights.

Parents can be seen complaining about the considerable time their children spent in overuse of media. Though they are aware of the the effects media has on their children's health both negative and positive. But are absolutely clueless about  dealing with such issues.

Television: Programs shown on television at same time quenching your child's hunger for information can give some violent addition to their personality. Parents are aware of the ill effect such programs can have on their children but are unable to judge the thin line between curiosity or anxiety.

Networking sites: No one can deny how social networking have affected our social lives. People rarely wish each other and get away by just dropping a comment, teens become self obsessed and keep on posting their picture in order to attract attention on these networking sites. Such networking sites provide a platform to make friends and there have been cases where introvert teens have opened up and become quite popular. Contrary to this, there have been cases of depression, anxiety and psychological disorders.

Internet: A great source of information and entertainment has undoubtedly changed our lives in a positive way. However, when misused can prove to be dangerous. It can not only cause social, psychological damage but can also push them into being antisocial individuals living in their own imaginary world. Overuse may ultimately lead to addiction, which in turn had lead to a negative affect on the child’s academic grades, relationship with the family and friends.

Mobile phones: In  today's time when your child  gets a mobile long before entering teens and becomes familiar with all the  applications before you know. Though schools don't allow mobile phones in classroom, but children sneak their phones into their classroom. After school they are busy chatting, sending text, videos, playing games or taking pictures. Studies have proved teenagers who use their mobile phones excessively are more prone to disrupted sleep patterns, restlessness, fatigue, stress and psychological disorders. Since mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation, concerns have been raised about cancer risks.

Excessive of anything is bad, parents can begin by keeping a check on the everyday activities of their children, often it doesn't prove fruitful but to an extent it can ward their children off from spending time on television, Facebook, downloading music, chatting with friends. Both television and internet can be used as a medium to impart knowledge, but only if used in a positive way.

The best way to make the children understand the harmful effects of "addiction", is talk to them. Spending time with your children is very important as it helps the children grow emotionally and socially. Remember a healthy conversation often solves major issues and what is more important then bringing up a healthy and a responsible citizen.

Software available in the market

There are different software's available in the market which shows various web activities taken up during the day by children in the absence of the parents. By installing such software in the computer or other gadgets, it enable  parents  to know what are the different things their kids are involved into - good or bad. These software's are capable enough in tracking down the pages, websites visited by children and you can also block some web content not suitable for them. So even if you are away for work or business you exactly know what your child is doing and how could you guide them to spend more creative and quality time by using technology.

Some of the common software's are:-
  •     eBLASTER(PC & mobile)
  •     KidsWatch
  •     Net Nanny Parental Controls 6.5
  •     McAfee Safe Eyes 6
  •     McAfee Family Protection 2.0
  •     McGruff SafeGuard
It is often found that lonely children found solace in gadgets. It give them satisfaction of togetherness and bonding with friends. Use of gadgets is not bad within a discipline. Often children cross the lines unknowingly and get trapped in the unknown. Too much restrictions and spying won't help anyway. What a child pic and what not often comes from parents. As a child grow he / she need friends to share thoughts, emotions and feelings. Given if you make best friend with your child I can guarantee you he / she will never fall into bad habits or you will know before it happens.
You are the best software to guide your children!
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