First Day of High School

The 'First Day of School' no student can forget. This is the stage when many enters to new age too. That is called 'teenage'. When you enter high school at the same you are also entering in a new phase of life so challenges are also double. You have left many childhood friends and junior school friends behind. In a new high school you are going to meet new teachers, new physical class instructor and off course new classmates. Needless to say, you are alien in a world full of people.
But hold a minute, in your entire class everyone is feeling the same. It's matter of couple of day or may be weeks when you will make many good friends. The teachers and staff members will know you by name and perhaps you are going to become the most loving future alumni.
From experiences as they say, people come in two format Introvert and Extrovert. Also there found a third species between the two. To which side you belongs to is just another issue. Today, on the First Day of High School  'Nobody knows nobody'. Hold patience and soon you are going to meet an exciting gang of friends and loveliest teachers on the planet.
To fight the lonesomeness do the following instead
Do not take it too seriously
Hold patience and believe that you are the gem, you are going to make your high school proud. You are here to make new footprints. Don't let go your confidence loose. Entire class is feeling the same. And this feeling will go without you knowing when you will be sitting in cafeteria talking with friends over a geometry lesson.
Nervousness is not permanent
So you don't know the chemical formula of Sugar. And you felt frustrated in the class. Do not worry, the mate sharing desk with you don't know in what direction earth moves, tomorrow is his turn. The most beautiful girl of the class can't calculate area of a circle. Everyone don't know everything. You are here for learning. Nervousness is obvious but its not permanent. You are not alone. Everyone is here for learning.
Do not think stupid
What grades will I achieve? Whether my teachers will like me? Will I make truly good friends? What will I do after high school? Whether others are better than me in sports? All such questions are obvious. Let the thoughts come in and go out. Do not repeatedly think over such a question again and again. Involve yourself, take the lead. Its time to lab, go and see how does microscope works instead of thinking around big beautiful playground from junior school. When you are involved, no such questions will take a place for longtime in your memory.
Open Up
Tell your parents how does you feel in new school among new classmates and teachers. Tell your other friends. Seek help. There is nothing wrong in telling your parents and well wishers about your problems and issues. When you share, half of your worries go to hell and when someone care for you may be a friend, an old school teacher, parents or siblings then you are truly blessed. Everyone have this luxury. There is only need to let others know and help is right there.

This article is addressed to students joining high school. Parents can make use of these tips and tricks to help teens dealing with high school challenges. If you are child is in transition phase of high school, talk, make friend and help.
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