Get Involved in After School Activities

Strict teachers, more work pressure, hectic life style - does this define your child's lifestyle since joining high school. And after school what is your child doing- do questions like this haunt you. You are worried all the time about your child getting into wrong company and taking up to criminal activities. The  concerns about your child physical and mental health are your constant companion after all  "an empty mind, is a devils workshop".

The best possible way out is to keep your child busy, which will help you to get rid of anxiety regarding your child's health- both mental and physical. Encourage your child to take up some after school activities, join some club or play some sport. In this ways not only your child  will be busy but  will also get  an outlet to his/her creativity. To help your child to grow socially, emotionally and academically, it is important that he/she  be  part of such activities which would lead to his/her overall development.

Hobby Classes
: Different activity clubs such as creative writing,  foreign language, art classes, pottery making, dancing, singing, or playing musical instrument or may be volunteering services are offered by various high schools. Children can join such clubs by getting in contact with the school authorities or local after school clubs programs.

Sports: Students can join different after school sports teams.The sports may vary from school to school depending upon the sports offered by the schools. Sports teaches the importance of teamwork. besides being with friends who share your goal and interests. Other benefits include  maintaining good health, improved self esteem and releases tension and stress.

Part-time work: Working after school is an excellent idea if your child age matches to take an employment. Besides paying for their own expenses, the students can learn time management, interpersonal skills and other valuable skills. The experience obtained from part time work can be helpful in future professional en-devours. Besides, you own a business or shop ask your child to help you for couple of hours.

After school activities are offered in a very  relaxed, playful environment where your child  can learn and at the same time enjoy. It is very important  for a child to attend such activity classes for their overall grooming. Children can join such classes depending upon their area of interest after all "All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy".
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