Preparing for First Day in High School - Parenting Tips

Your child just got admitted to the best high school, still you are anxious. As a parent in the ongoing scenario you are scared to send your child to the school. Some confusion is absolutely normal on the first day of the school and teachers are aware about it too. But we can help you to know what to expect on the first day of the school and you can prepare your child to deal with the situations accordingly.

Visiting the school: Prior to the commencement of classes take a brief tour of the school with your child to get an idea of the school building and particularly the classroom.To make a good impression on the teacher and not be late for the classes on the first day,  it is very important that your child remembers his/her classroom.

Different Class Schedule: Now that your child is in the senior grade of the school expect and talk to him about different class schedules and moving from one class to another for different subjects. With more number of subjects, he/she may need switch many classrooms to attend different classes on different subjects.

Difficult teachers:  Most of the teachers pretend to be more strict on the first day but eventually mellow down and turn out to be your child's mentors.

Sophomores: Since your child will be in the junior most class of the high school, there are chances of bullying. So, it is always better to ask your child to stay away from such students or not get into any kind of argument. Tell your child they are there to study so concentrate on the getting information about teachers, subjects and other study related activities.

More Friends: With more movement, new environment and much more exposure, you can expect your child to have more friends. Tell your child its okay not to have friends on the first day, but soon they will have many with the power of being polite and smile.

After school Activities: Increased after school activities such as drama, dance, sports or clubs. Ask your child to find out more  about such activities in the school which can provide them a platform to grow and at the same time may find friends of different nationality.

Shopping: Now finally, the day has come in your child's life, take him/her to shopping. After all looking great on the first day is important as the first impression  lasts long....very long.

Your child must be nervous and scared because of the transition from being "seniors " in middle school  to "freshmen" in high school. But helping your child with the above discussed  tips, you can make the transition stress free, anxiety free.

In your child's life, attending high school is a one-time experience and with your little time and co-operation you can make it an affair to remember. Don't forget to tell your child that it happens with everyone and it is just a phase that too shall pass, they just have to remain calm and focused.
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