Education System in Palau

The Republic of Palau is a country in the Pacific Ocean situated some 500 miles east of the Philippines and 2000 miles south of Tokyo. It has a tropical climate with a heavy rainfall throughout the year.

Palau offers free elementary education to all children in the age group 6 to 14 years. In 1990, there were 369 students studying in private schools and 1,756 in public schools. The gross enrollment ratio in primary school for 1990 to 1996 (i.e. the number of pupils enrolled divided by the number of children of primary-school age) was 103.  

The pre schools in Palau prepare students especially from lower income group for joining elementary schools. These programs in receives support from United States federal funds. Furthermore, a number of private schools in Palau offer kindergarten programs.  These schools teach values of self-discipline, respect, obedience, and love for all people.

Attendance in elementary schools is compulsory for 6 years to 14 years old children. School grades from 1 to 8 constitutes elementary grades and grades from 9 to 12 makes high school grades. There are twenty-two public elementary schools and one public high school, with a close working relationship between the public and private schools. Adding to this, there are also two private elementary and five secondary schools in the Republic.
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