Montenegro as a Study Destination

Montenegro is located in South-eastern Europe. It is situated between two well-known civilizations-Western and Eastern. The country has a rich cultural heritage. Montenegro’s culture has been shaped by the influence of Adriatic, Orthodox, Central European, and Slavonic cultures. 

The most beautiful cultural-historical monuments in Montenegro are: the town museum Cetinje, native village of the Petrovic dynasty –Njegusi, and the town of UNESCO – Kotor.  

Reasons to Study Abroad in Montenegro

Following are the reasons to study abroad in Montenegro:

Well-Established Education System

Montenegro's education system is well-established. The higher education institutions in Montenegro offer a wide range of academic programmes that lead to bachelor, specialist, master or doctorate degrees. 

Affordable Studies

The fee at the Montenegro higher education institutions is low, thus making it an affordable study destination. 

Multicultural Experience

The higher education institutions in Montenegro have academic agreements with several countries around the world, thus providing a multi-cultural experience to students. 

Learn New Languages 

The official language in Montenegro is Montenegrin. Also, Croatian, Serbian, Albanian and Bosnian are spoken. By studying in Montenegro, students can learn multiple foreign languages.
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