Higher Education System of Montenegro

The Ministry of Education of Montenegro manages the higher education system in Montenegro. Higher Education in Montenegro is provided by the public universities which consist of faculties and academies; and private universities. 

Higher Education Programmes

The higher education programmes in Montenegro are split up into 2 streams:

Academic study programmes (akademske studije): The academic study programmes provide programmes at all degree levels-undergraduate, master and doctoral degree.

Applied study programmes (primijenjene studije): The applied study programmes offer studies at the undergraduate and master level. The programmes offered lead to bachelor, specialist or master degree.

Higher Education Institutions 

There are both public and private higher education institutions in Montenegro. 

In Montenegro, there is only one public university- the Montenegro University.

The foremost private university/higher education institution in Montenegro was established in 2006- the Mediterranean University (Univerzitet Mediteran). The Mediterranean Montenegro University consists of 6 university units, having 11 study programmes. The second private university in Montenegro was established in 2010- the Donja Gorica (Univerzitet Donja Gorica). This university consists of five faculties.

Also, there are seven individual private faculties operating in Montenegro.

Higher Education Qualifications

Montenegro Higher education provides the following qualifications:

Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor studies (osnovne studije): This degree requires 3 to 4 years of full-time study. Admission in bachelor degree programme is depends upon the completion of the secondary education. 
  • ECTS: 180 credits (for 3 years bachelor studies)
  • ECTS credits: 240 (for 4 years bachelor studies)
The bachelor applied studies last for 3 years, while the bachelor academic studies last for 3 to 4 years. 

Postgraduate Studies

Specialist diploma: This qualification requires 1 year of study after bachelor studies.
  • ECTS: 60 credit points
Master's (magistarske studije): This degree requires 1 to 2 years of full-time study. Admission to the master studies is based on the bachelor’s degree or specialist diploma. Students who have completed bachelor degree and enter the master’s studies are required to earn 120 ECTS in order to get the master’s degree. 
Students are required to publicly defend their master’s thesis and pass all the exams. Upon completion of the programme, Master of Science or Master of Arts title is awarded. 
  • ECTS: 60 credits (1 year)
Doctoral studies (doktorske studije): The doctoral studies in Montenegro last for 3 years. This degree programmes comprises of coursework and individual research. Students are required to submit and defend a doctoral thesis in order to complete this programme. 
  • Admission requisite: Student who possesses the academic title of a master of science are eligible to apply for doctoral studies. Pupils must have obtained a minimum credits of 300 ECTS and 360 credits minimum credits for medical.
  • ECTS: 180 credits must be obtained within the doctoral studies by the students to receive the doctoral degree.
  • No. of semesters: 6

Academic and Applied Titles

The following study programmes are offered by the higher education institutions in Montenegro:

Undergraduate academic studies: These studies lead to BSc or BA 

Undergraduate applied studies: These studies lead to BApp 

Postgraduate specialist studies: These studies lead to BSc, BA and BApp

Postgraduate master studies: These studies lead to MSc or MA 

Doctoral studies: These studies lead to an academic title of PhD. 

Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission into the bachelor degree programme, students must have finished secondary education, for admission into the master’s studies, students must have complete undergraduate studies; and for doctoral students must hold a related master’s degree.
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