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Better learning comes with better course creation. And this betterment comes when better minds works behind it. People want to learn, students want to achieve better grades but authentic comes as a bigger challenge. This is why we see huge crowd on book streets. Everyone going to book streets is not an avid reader. Some has passion to read, other go in the look out of books and periodicals so as to achieve good grades and perform better in academics.
Certainly without doubt one can achieve academic excellence without passion to learn, but problem lies in content. Any content piece that is not able to excite reader is not worth and there is loads of raw content. Finding a suitable one is a challenge. Buying many books is not ideal choice for many students. A massive number of undergraduate and graduate learners struggle to pay tuition cost. Need for many books become an additional burden.
But thanks to the Internet, today knowledge is available with click of a mouse for almost very less cost. So you can excel in academics and learn better faculty members of different academic institutions across the world has taken the responsibility to produce video lectures.
Anyone can learn from these courses but lectures are targeted on students enrolled in academia and pursuing a courses. This section is all about OpenCourseWare i.e. OCW, sometimes also referred as OCW Courses. To know more click on the relevant link below
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