Steps of Selecting the Right Study Programs in Luxembourg

Selecting the best study program that suits you is the most important thing that every study abroad aspirant to  Luxembourg should keep in mind. Choosing the right study program is not always easy, so don’t just get trapped into something that is not suitable for you and hence take your time and have control of the whole process!! Do a thorough research about each and every program and then select the best one from the lot. Keeping in mind these few simple things can help you ensure that you have the best international study abroad experience possible in Luxembourg.

Try and get as much information as possible about the course of your choice and also get details about the future prospects after completing the course. Thus, this will help you refrain from choosing something that is not right for you. Given below are the few simple steps that will help you to choose the right study abroad program and will also help you to get the most out of the study experience in Luxembourg.

1st Step - A basic check is important

The first and foremost thing while choosing a study abroad program is to have clear goals based on your financial, academic and personal needs. For that matter you may also write down your strong points and also the limitations. Do a research about the various courses that are offered by universities in Luxembourg and then take a note of the ones that easily suits your budget. Suppose you wish you pursue a Master’s program in Luxembourg, will it be beneficial for you in the future prospects? These are certain things you should always take into consideration.

2nd Step - Choosing the right University

It is always important to have a healthy environment of study, hence choosing the right university is even important than choosing the right course to succeed in your venture of studying in Luxembourg. Also learn about the language requirements of the university, before you choose a programme.

Another important thing to keep in mind before applying to any university is to know the housing options and campus facilities that are available in the university campus or near the campus. The University of Luxembourg offer accommodation options to its candidates but due to its limited capacity the seats are allotted on the basis of merit.  Many other private accommodations are also available, but students should be very careful and should do a lot of comparisons before finalizing upon the house. One should also know the exact location of the campus so that it is easily accessibility by any means of public transportation and you don’t have to spend much time and money in commuting.

3rd Step - Choosing the Right Study Programme

It is always understood without saying that not every study program is suitable for every study abroad aspirant. Doing a thorough research is the most important that every aspirant should take care of. Evaluating each and every programme with carefully reviewing the admission requirements, fees structure, deadline dates, payment options, language requirements, medium of instruction, etc. is what every aspirant should be careful about before choosing a course of study.

4th Step - Application Process

Once you’ve decided upon the course and the university that you finally wish to pursue now is the time to start with the application process. For the various universities in Luxembourg the applications are available online and the candidates can apply to all the universities using one single online application.

5th Step – Admission Requirements

First cycle (Undergraduate studies)
Candidates who have a valid school leaving certificate, are eligible for higher education studies in Luxembourg. Other than this, he/she also has to prove their knowledge on languages such as Luxembourgish, English, German or French.

Second cycle (Master's studies)
One who possesses a relevant bachelor's degree are eligible for the master's program at universities in Luxembourg.

Third cycle (PhD studies)
For the doctoral studies in Luxembourg, the candidate must possess a master’s degree.

6th Step - Scholarships

Other than the scholarships for Luxembourgish students and students from other European countries, the universities also offers various scholarships to those brilliant non-European students who come under the lower income group. They aim at to offer financial assistance to them by encouraging in getting good quality education in Luxembourg.

7th Step – Students visa for international students in Luxembourg

All international students who wish to study in Luxembourg will require a visa to enter the country and pursue education. All the international students are suggested to apply for their students visa at the nearest Luxembourgish consulate and embassy. 
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