Steps of Education in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known for its multilingual and comprehensive school system modelled on the lines of French system which leads to an internationally recognised certificate of aptitude or baccalaureate for building a better profession in life. A number of international schools in Luxembourg offer curricula that are quite different from the public school system of the county. International schools are mostly attended by children from the elite classes.

The main higher education institution in Luxembourg is the University of Luxembourg, founded in 2003. The university offers a wide variety of subjects, and maintains a high quality of research in cooperation with various research institutes and universities worldwide.

Other than the University of Luxembourg, the country is also home to various other foreign universities which have its campus in Luxembourg. These universities encourage the cultural exchange between students of different nations.

The Luxembourg Education system consists of the fundamental education, secondary and the higher education. It is mandatory for all students to attend school from the age of 4-17 or 18.

Fundamental Education

The Fundamental education system in Luxembourg (known as enseignement fondamentale in Luxembourgish) consists of the primary school education and pre-school education. It is mandatory from 4 years of age and is well composed in 4 cycles introduced in the law of January 21st 2009:
  • Age 3 - 5 : First cycle
  • Age 6 - 7: Second cycle
  • Age  8 - 9: Third cycle
  • Age 10 - 11: Fourth cycle

Secondary Education

The Secondary education system lasts for 6–7 years, and it consists of the following:
  • The Classical system of education (known as enseignement secondaire in Luxembourgish): This system offers a all-round and a general education. It is for the students to acquire the fundamental knowledge of natural sciences, human sciences, mathematics and literature.

  • The Technical system of education (enseignement secondaire technique in Luxembourgish): This system of education puts more emphasis on the vocational education, which allows more access to the university studies. The technical system of education is further divided into 4 regimes that includes:
    -  The Technical regime
    - The Technician training regime
    - The Professional regime, that results in a Certificate of technical and professional aptitude (CATP)
    - The Preparatory regime, for all those students who have not fulfilled the fundamental education requirements
The secondary education schools are known as the Lycees while the secondary technical education schools are known as the Lycees techniques. Some Lycees even offer both the types. The Athenee de Luxembourg is the oldest Lycee in the country that was founded in 1603. It was the only school for secondary education for quite a long time.

There are 5 private Lycees and 32 public Lycees at present that uses the state education curriculum. Following are the 4 Lycees out of all the public Lycees also have the special status to make use of the innovative techniques of teaching, while using the public education curriculum for instruction:
  • Lycee Ermesinde, day-long school
  • Schengen Lycee, a bi-national school situated in Perl
  • Sportlycee, for children who are engaged in some sports and plays at a state or national level
  • Ecole de la 2e chance. This type of School is for second chance to those adults or adolescents who have left school without completing their education

Higher Education

The higher education courses in Luxembourg are available in languages such as French, German, English and Luxembourgish. While some of the bachelor courses are only available in German or French, so one needs to do a proper research about the courses they wish to pursue.

Universities in Luxembourg

Being the only full-fledged university, the University of Luxembourg that was established in 2003, dominates the higher education system in Luxembourg.

It also has few foreign universities that have their campuses in Luxembourg. Following are the universities with campuses in Luxembourg:

Open University Luxembourg: It is a cooperation between the British Open University and the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center that offers evening courses and distance-learning courses to its students.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg: Luxembourg is home to Sacred Heart University campus
Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC): The country also a campus of the Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Non-university Higher education in Luxembourg

The Higher education in Luxembourg is also offered by various lycees techniques, which mainly focus on certain areas of healthcare, arts and business & management. The duration of the course is for three years, and with the successful completion of the course the students are awarded with Brevet de technicien superieur (BTS).
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