Structure of Education in Luxembourg

The structure of the education of a country reflects the characteristics and peculiarities of the country and the society. And in Luxembourg, the first and foremost characteristic is trilingualism that is used for instruction. The higher education courses in Luxembourg are available in English as well, while some of the bachelor courses are only available in German or French. One needs to do a research about the courses before they apply for it. Given below is the structure of Luxembourg Education

Pre-higher Education

The compulsory education Duration:
Entry Age: 4 years
Exit Age: 15 years

The complete Structure of the school system:
Pre-Elementary Education
Duration: 2 years
Age: 4 years - 5 years

Primary Education
Duration: 6 years
Age: 6 years  - 12 years

Complete Secondary Education
Type of school: Secondary School (Lycee and Lycee Technique)
Duration: 3 years
Age: 12 years - 15 years

Certificate and Diploma courses
Diplome de Fin d'Etudes secondaires
Type of school: Technical Secondary School
Duration: 7 years
Age: 12 years - 19 years
Certificate/diploma awarded: Diplome de Fin d'Etudes secondaires techniques, Diplome de Technicien

School Education

  • The duration of the Pre-elementary education is two years.
  • The duration of the Primary education is six years.
  • The Secondary education in Luxembourg is divided into the general and the technical secondary, and their duration is seven years each. A Diplome de Fin d'Etudes secondaires is awarded at the end.

Higher Education

The University of Luxembourg has been dominating the higher education in Luxembourg since 2003. The University has three Faculties, viz.
  • Sciences/Technology and Communication
  • Law/Economics and Finance
  • Arts/Humanities and Education sciences
The law that governs the higher education in Luxembourg:
Decree: Law on the creation of the University of Luxembourg Year: 2003
Concerns: Universite

Languages of instruction: French, German and English

Stages of studies:

Non-university level:
The Brevet de technicien superieur (BTS) is awarded to students on the successful completion of the two years training course in the various fields of International Trade, Accounting and Management, Marketing, Motion Pictures and Secretarial Studies. Training is offered for Brevet de Technicien superieur (BTS) at two Lycees techniques.

University level studies:
The university level can be broadly divided into two stages, viz.
  • University level 1st stage: Bachelor Degree
  • University level 2nd stage: Master Degree

Teacher Training courses

Training of pre-primary and primary/basic school teachers:
Three years teacher training courses are held for primary and Pre-primary school teachers at the University.

Training of higher education teachers:
The higher education teachers are appointed at State Institutions by the Minister for a period of 5 years on the special recommendation of the administrative and the departmental Councils. The academic staff members are called: the charges d'enseignement, the charges de cours and the professeurs depending upon their length of service, importance of the subject that they teach and also their responsibility in relation to the course of study.

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