Admission Requirement for Higher Education in Liechtenstein

In Liechtenstein, there are many higher education institutions offering undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes. Liechtenstein has agreements with Switzerland and Austria for the provision of higher education. The admission requirements vary depending on the institution and degree programme. Read the post to know about the admission requirements and procedure in Liechtenstein-  

General Admission Requirements in Liechtenstein

For Bachelor Degree

Prospective students must have a Berufsmatura certificate or vocational diploma, or an equivalent international qualification. Students who wish to take up a bachelor degree course at the University of Liechtenstein must have a pre-study internship of 200 hours.

For Master’s Degree

Students must hold a bachelor’s degree in a related area with at least 180 ECTS credits in order to gain admittance into the Master’s degree programme in Liechtenstein. 

For Doctorate Degree

Students must hold a Master’s degree in a related area or diploma degree from an international recognized university which awards doctoral degrees. 

Application Procedure in Liechtenstein

Students who wish to study in Liechtenstein institutions must apply directly to the concerned institution. Fill out an application form either online or manually and submit it along with the required documents. Contact the respective institution to know about the application form and process. The application must be submitted before the end of the application deadline. 


Following documents are required:

Application form: It must be completely and correctly filled

Official transcripts: It includes the course of study you’ve taken and grades received

Letter of Recommendation: It basically provides the detailed information of the student in and out of the classroom. It should contain anecdotes to demonstrate the student’s capabilities and potential. 

Research Proposal: Students who wish to go for doctorate studies in Liechtenstein must submit a research proposal. It should include the title of the research, summary, literature review, research methodology, timescale and bibliography. 

Curriculum Vitae: It should contain educational and professional history. List your achievements, research or professional experiences (if any), personal information, language skills, and references. 

Motivation letter: In this, you should explain how the chosen degree programme is relevant to their planned field of study; mention about your interest and experience; explain the motivation for choosing the desired programme.  It should be 1-2 pages. 

Portfolio: In order to enroll for the study course in Architecture, submit a portfolio of your work by mail or hand delivery. It should include art projects or academic design. 

Copy of passport and photographs

Professional experience details: Submit certificate/letter copy of the relevant work experience acquired prior to the course

** All documents must be translated in English or German.
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