Student Residence Permit for Iceland

Students’ residence permits are granted to: 
  • Individuals intending to engage in full time studies at a university in Iceland
  • Post graduate (doctorate) students from foreign universities collaborating with an Icelandic university
  • Exchange students from acknowledged exchange-student organizations
  • Interns
  • Students in technical studies and recognised workplace studies at higher-education level
  • Graduate looking for employment
You might have the right to a student residence permit if all of the following requirements are met, as well as others
  • You are older than 18 years,
  • you are enrolled in full study at an Icelandic university in undergraduate, graduate or post graduate (doctorate) studies; you are a post graduate (doctorate) student at a university abroad collaborating with an Icelandic university; you are an exchange student or in internship in Iceland,
  • you can prove that you are able to provide for yourself during your stay,
  • you have a valid insurance with an Icelandic insurance company (in the field Insurance Companies) or a foreign insurance company authorized to operate in Iceland (in the field Foreign Insurance Companies),
  • you have not served a criminal sentence abroad during the last five (5) years or been sentenced by a court of law for an offence which would be punishable by more than three (3) months imprisonment according to Icelandic law, and
  • you have a passport valid for at least 90 days beyond the estimated validity of a residence permit.
You may not
  • work without a work permit,
  • work for an employer other than the one on which the work permit is based,
  • work more than 15 hours per week except when working is a part of your study or takes place during a study break according to the curriculum,
  • stay in another country longer than three (3) months in every 12-month period of the residence permit period; otherwise the residence permit may be cancelled or revoked.
To apply for Student Residence Permit for Iceland and latest guidelines go to official website of Department of Immigration

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