Higher Education Institutions in Iceland

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is responsible for managing and providing accreditation to the higher education institutions. The higher education institutions are regulated by the Higher Education Institutions Act of Government of Iceland. 

Iceland has 7 accredited higher education institutions. Following are the higher education institutions in Iceland:

University of Iceland

The University of Iceland is the oldest and largest with 11 faculties/departments. It is known for its research. The faculties are as follows:
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Medicine
  • Economics and business administration
  • Natural Sciences
  • Theology
  • Pharmacy
  • Odontology
  • Medicine
  • Social sciences
  • Law
  • Nursing
This higher education provides about 400 study programmes, and offers courses at the bachelor, master's and PhD levels. Many courses offered at the Master's level are taught in English.

Iceland University of Education

This higher education institution provides education and training to teachers at the pre-school and compulsory educational stages, and developmental therapy and physical education. This higher education institution has been merged with the University of Iceland. 

Icelandic College of Engineering and Technology

This institution of higher learning provides courses in civil and electrical engineering technology, management, and laboratory and radiology technology.

University of Akureyri (UNAK)

This higher education institution was founded in 1987 and has following faculties:
  • Business and science
  • Teacher education
  • Health sciences
  • Information technology
  • Fishery studies
  • Humanities and social sciences
The University of Akureyri provides a Diploma in Polar Law, an LLM in Polar Law, as well as Master's studies in Polar Law.

Hvanneyri Agricultural University

This higher education institution was established in 2005. It provides study programmes in agronomy that lasts for 2 years and lead to a diploma. In order to obtain a BS degree, one more year of study is required at the university. This institution focuses on environmental and agricultural sciences, and offers MSc and PhD degrees also.

Bifrost School

This is a private higher education institution that provides study programmes in business administration. The university has 3 faculties:
  • Distance learning
  • Business law
  • Business and management
Also, the university runs a preparatory department.

Reykjavik University (RU)

This is a private institution and has 4 departments:
  • Business Administration
  • Science and Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Law
This university is the largest private university in Iceland and provides study courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in English.

Iceland Academy of the Arts

This is a private higher education institution and has 5 faculties:
  • Music
  • Design
  • Drama
  • Visual arts
  • Theatre and dance
This institution offers bachelor of arts and master's degree in the aforementioned fields.

Holar University College

This higher education institution offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies in tourism, equine science, fish biology and aquaculture.

List of Higher Education Institutions in Iceland

Public Universities

Following are the public universities in Iceland:
  • University of Iceland (Haskoli Islands)
  • University of Akureyri (Haskolinn a Akureyri)
  • Holar University College (Holaskoli, Haskolinn a Holum) 
  • Agricultural University of Island (Landbunaearhaskoli Islands)

Private Universities

Following are the private universities in Iceland: 
  • Bifrost School of Business (Haskolinn a Bifrost)
  • Reykjavik University (Haskolinn i Reykjavik)
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts (Listahaskoli Islands)
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