Accreditation Agencies in Estonia

The Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK) is a private non-profit organization in Estonia with managerial and professional staff of its own. The EAK does the work of the Estonian National Accreditation Body. The Accreditation Council works the role of the advisory board and advises the EAK on issues of accreditation practice and policy, to further oversee the policies being implemented and also works on promoting the accreditation benefits.

The representatives of conformity assessment community, consumer organisations, employers associations, industry, universities and relevant ministries are the members of the Accreditation Council. Each of these organisations is represented in the Council by an officer, who is well aware of the accreditation issues and conformity assessment. The composition of the Council and the Statute are both endorsed itself by the Council. 

Key Tasks of Estonian Accreditation Centre (EAK)

  • It trains assessors
  • Participate in European co-operation work for Accreditation EA
  • Making various agreements of mutual recognition on accreditation with various other bodies of accreditation and their associations
  • Supervising institutions of accreditation and other organisations that are competent
  • The recommendations and guidelines drafting on accreditation
  • Technical committees establishment for accreditation and also coordinating their various operations
  • Attestation and Assessment of technical competence of measurers
  • Accreditation of verification, testing, calibration and laboratories as well as proficiency testing providers

The responsibilities and duties of the Accreditation Council

  1. Contributing in the development and establishment of accreditation policy and strategy.
  2. Promotion of national accreditation strategy and policy in the Estonian society to achieve widespread approval and support.
  3. It advices the Estonian Accreditation Centre about the policies of national accreditation.
  4. It takes active part in handling the various appeals that are against the EAK activities.
  5. It gives its final approval on EAK’s technical committee’s establishment and also gives instructions for their various activities.
  6. Settlement of various issues that are raised by government institutions and that within the Council’s competence.
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