Admission Requirements for Higher Education in Estonia

The higher education study structure in Estonia has has three different cycles. First is the Bachelor's study, which is followed by the Master's study and finally the Doctoral study which is the third and the highest level of study. It is home to various public universities, public specialized and private universities offering various courses. Given below is the admission requirements for bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in Estonia.

Admission requirements for Bachelor’s program in Estonia

Students who have successfully completed their secondary education or have an equivalent qualification can apply to a university, vocational school or an institution of professional higher education in Estonia. The higher educational institutions in Estonia do not take into consideration any other previous exam results or work experience other than the secondary education or equivalent certificate as an admission requirement.

The procedures for admittance and conditions are established by the board of an educational institution. Other than the student’s secondary education certificate, there are also some other requirements that include the entrance exams results, National Examination Certificate, academic aptitude tests, professional aptitude interviews, etc. may also be considered. Even for the students with special needs, these higher education institutes have flexible forms of study which helps them to cope up with the study environment. Several higher educational institutions also have their specific target groups that include working people which gives them an opportunity to study once a month, during weekends or may in the evening classes.

Students who comply with all the admission requirements that are specified in the terms established by the board of the educational institution are accepted as a student of the university. The higher educational institution set the language proficiency level for international students. The study costs of the student and procedures for admission for international students who study on the basis of the international agreements are set up in accordance with these agreements.

Admission Requirements for Master’s program in Estonia

Students after successfully completing the Bachelor’s program get an access to pursue Master's study in any university or institutions for their choice in Estonia. If a student has done their bachelor’s program from an institution of professional higher education, then atleast a one year of work experience in a field of study that corresponds to Master's study is required to get into the master’s program. Including the master’s studies and professional higher education there must be a total of atleast 300 ECTS credits.

Admission Requirements for Doctoral program in Estonia

To begin their Doctoral study, the students are required to have a Master’s degree or a degree which is equivalent to master’s degree. Other than these, the students opting for Doctoral programs in Estonia are required to sit for an interview and also submit a research plan of the thesis explaining the reason for choosing the theme and the objective of the research, a proper timetable for completing the research work is also required to submit by the students.

The admission committee takes into account the competencies acquired by the student in the previous professional experience and also if they have undergone additional training. The university board is the final decision maker about the total number of students that are to be admitted to the Doctoral program.
The students are also given with the option to choose for part time and full time research, completing atleast 50 to 75 per cent or 75 per cent respectively of the study load that is subject to completion according to the curriculum by the end of each academic year.

All Doctoral candidates who are enrolled in either part time or full time study, can apply for the Doctoral allowance and they also not exceed the maximum period of the curriculum to complete their doctoral program.

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