Educational Apps Special needs children

The educational apps have become a revolutionary feature in the special education system. Thanks to the educational apps, it has become easier for the children with special needs to communicate, deal with different situations, work, and lots more!

Clicker Docs: Clicker Docs makes use of word-prediction technology that provides students spelling and grammatical suggestions, therefore aiding to improve their writing skills. Along that, students can review their work by listening for auditory cues.

Clicker Docs


SymbolSupport: This app automatically interprets words/text into pictures and symbols, a task that is particularly helpful for pupils with cognitive impairments. A must app!

Symbol Support


Time Timer: The Time Timer app provides a visual representation of the time. It helps to know the time remaining easily.
Time Timer


Read2Go: Read2Go is a reader app from Bookshare that makes use of text-to-speech technology to read books aloud. It has option that helps kids to customize their reading experience. Read out Loud anywhere, anytime with
Ready 2 Go!

Ready 2 Go


ConversationBuilder: ConversationBuilder is an app that improves conversational abilities of the students.  It uses simulated exchanges letting students understand when to introduce themselves, how to communicate, when to change the topic, and many more things. It records the student’s spoken responses and at the conclusion of each session, plays back the whole conversation so that students can listen to themselves and exchange views with their virtual peers. This app allows emailing the conversation as well. Master the art of conversation with ConversationBuilder!

Conversation Builder


Video Scheduler: This app is a scheduling app designed for kids with special needs. The app includes photo and video modelling and a rewards system for scheduled activities and conducts. It helps students create checklists recognizing the individual tasks needed to attain a goal or target. Video Scheduler encourages students to work independently with little or no prompting from teachers.

Video Scheduler


Abilipad: This app offers customizable keyboards, text to speech, word prediction, voice recording and picture support to foster language and writing development. An app that helps with writing and communication needs!



ArtikPix: For kids with speech issues, ArtikPix provides an engaging way to practice sounds and words.  The app has flashcard and matching activities. Children are prompted to practice the sounds which are represented visually, with a picture of the featured word, and a voice recording.



In My Dreams: “In My Dreams” is an instructional app designed with illustrations that provide language cues. It makes use of animation and repetition to foster literacy.

In my dreams


RainbowSentences: Rainbow Sentences help students enhance their ability to create grammatically correct sentences by using color coded visual cues. With RainbowSentence, students get to learn how to identify the parts of sentences such as nouns, verbs, and prepositions.

Rainbow Sentences


Sign Me A Story: This app makes learning sign language and reading easy and fun through appealing story and video format.  Improves Communication skills. Educational and fun app for all ages!

Sign me a story


Choicework- It’s a scheduling app that helps kids develop everyday routines and lets them see their entire day in one shot.  Choicework makes use of images and timers. This app even helps the students to deal with situations, emotions while providing positive reinforcement.

Choice Works

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