Popular Apps for Students

Utility Apps for Students-

My Fitness Pal: This app includes huge database of foods, drinks and other nutritional information. It’s an app that keeps you healthy by tracking what and how much you eat, calories burnt through activities done and more. Keeps you on track and lets you concentrate on your studies without worrying for health!

All Recipes: This app is beneficial for students who stay alone. Lets you search the recipes with the couple of ingredients you have in your kitchen. A tons of recipes available at all levels!

Voucher Codes: This app syncs all the discounts and gives you the latest exclusive deals from thousands of popular high street retailers. Truly a money saving app!

Toshl Finance: Lets you record your expenses, manages your day to day finances and budgets. Time saver and simplify expense tracking, an app must for students!

Mint.com: This budgeting app helps students to keep track of their money, lets them know where there money is going. Makes you fiscally disciplined. Keeps the students in line!

Wi-Fi Finder: Students having trouble connecting on campus, this is the app for you! Lets you know the nearby hotspots, filters by connection type and location.

SelfControl: An app meant to put back your self-control with rigid implementation of rules and regulations. If you need this sort of thing in order to get your studies done, then download right away. This enables you to concentrate fully on your studies and avoid sporadically checking social networks or your email. Happy studying!

Sleep Cycle Clock: This app is a boon for students. All that the student needs to do is to set this on, and place it under the pillow before hitting the bed. It senses the intensity of sleep based on body movements, and once the sleep turns light, it sounds the alarm which wakes up the sleeper. Happy Sleeper and Waker!

ES File Explorer File Manager: Helps students to manage and edit files. A spot-on amalgamation of an application manager, file manager, download manager, task killer, FTP client ,cloud storage client, and LAN Samba client.
Dictionary.com: This app is a must have application for students of all ages. It includes a dictionary, thesaurus and a Word- of- the -day feature. Students can have the words pronounced loud to them, get to know how to use the words in a sentence correctly, the origin of words and more. A treasure trove of vocabulary trivia!

Amazon Student: This app helps to get you books at a low cost. You just need to click a picture of the book’s barcode and it’ll tell you how and where to find it low-priced. Along with that, you can trade-in the textbooks for Amazon gift cards. Money Saver and Easy Buy!

 inClass: An app that helps pupils to remember their college schedules, keeps them updated on the ‘tasks to do’, keep up with stuff in the classroom without missing out on their professors' lectures. Lets you record audio, take text or video notes, create and share images of slides or handouts. A must app for every pupil!

 iStudiez Pro:  Encompasses five functions- Overview, Planner, Assignments,  Instructors, and Holiday. With iStudiez Pro, Students can include class schedules, professor’s names and contact details, plan study sessions, and prioritize assignments based on importance. This app also tracks the grades and GPA, thereby helping students to keep a check on their academic progress. A digital hub for a student’s academic life!

MyPocketProf: An app that lets students share and organize their notes. Allow students to have their course content anywhere, anytime with them. Can even create test questions and quizzes. Be up-to-date with lectures and notes!
GoodReader 4: Lets you organize, view, annotate and edit the PDF files. An app that personalizes the learning process. A must-have app!

RealCalc Scientific Calculator: An app ideal for solving mathematical and scientific problems. Has a plethora of mathematical functions, making math, physics or chemistry easy for students.

Numbers: Can create Excel and PDF file. With this app, students can make charts and spreadsheets for projects on the go.

myHomework: This app keeps the students organized with homework. A planner app!

Dropbox: This free app allows students to have all their documents, videos and pictures anywhere, anytime and also share them with friends easily. Once you save a file/doc to your Dropbox account, it automatically gets saved on all your personal devices and your Dropbox account.

Google Drive: Google Drive is a free app that allows students to have all your data, be it pictures, docs or videos, within easy reach. Allows you to invite your friends, relatives and colleagues to view, or edit your files, or comment.
Microsoft OneDrive: An app that lets you save all your personal and professional documents with an easy access-anytime, anywhere! Each of the docs can be easily managed, organized and shared, while on the go.

Microsoft Office Mobile: This app allows easy access to all your Microsoft documents from virtually anyplace. Can easily view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

IFTTT (If this, then that): This app allows you to establish powerful connections between different channels-Gmail, twitter or Facebook and your device by making use of just one statement.

Evernote: Automatic synching over the web between all your devices. With Evernote, easy to jot down notes, stay on top of things you need to remember using a plethora of platforms, and easy to find anything anytime through a search tool that scours all of your data.

Informational Apps for Students-

Feedly: Best news app. A customisable app that lets you preview the source and add it to your feeds by tapping one button, simple navigation, ability to synch RSS feeds easily and more. A go-to tool!

The Oxford Dictionary: An app must for students, no matter what subject or class you studying in. During lectures if you don’t get a word, the Oxford dictionary app helps you to know the meaning of it. Lexical expander!

Sparknotes: If you are a Literature or classics major’s student, this is a great heads up for tons of novels, literary and philosophical works, and more. A useful app for the literature or classics study guides on the go.

NASA App: If you’re Science enthusiasts, this is the app for you! Lets you discover the latest articles, news, images, videos, mission information, feature stories, tweets, and TV feeds about the space agency’s activities. Want to stay in the loop of what is going on in the world of space exploration, get the app right away!

TED: TED app-Technology, Entertainment and Design. An app that includes lots of speeches on various genres: education radicals, medical mavericks, music legends, business gurus and tech whizzes. TED-Best of mind, best of talks! Informative content!

Social Apps for Students-

Hootsuite: Lets you combine and manage the popular social media channels in one app. Can post on multiple social media connections and have them scheduled throughout the whole day.
Babylon Translator: Superb online translator for over 75 languages. Using this app you can resolve whatever troubles you are having with key vocabulary for your examinations. Students look out for it to make your language studies easy!

Viber: Students staying far from their kinsfolk and friends, this app takes you closer to them. Provides free texting and voice calls service, you only need an internet connection. Best free messenger app for students!

Skype: An app that connects students with their faraway family and friends through video chats and voice calls.
LinkedIn: A great junction/link to meet the professionals across the world. Brings the professionals together on one platform. Great employment and networking app for Students!

Twitter: Don't be an individual in class who does not have the latest facts about the world news and events. Use Twitter to keep yourself in the loop in both the academic and social aspects of your life. In present age’s classrooms, you may even be required to take part in class discussions via Twitter.

WhatsApp: A mobile messaging app that lets students to be in touch with their near and dear ones. Students can create study groups and talk and share information from anyplace in the world.

Online Education Apps for Students-

Examtime: An app that reduces the textbook burden of students by making the notes available online. A digital spot for all the study notes. Encompasses flashcards, notes, mind-maps, practice papers and quizzes. Available anywhere, anytime!

Coursmos: A micro-learning platform that lets you create micro-courses simply and also easy to learn. Students can find enormous courses.

News-O-Matic: A daily digital newspaper for children aged 7 to 11 years. Offers an understanding of the current issues and events. Lets you explore its different facets through videos, pictures and games.

LumiBook: An e-reading platform for all! A great amount of knowledge placed in the palm of your hands through this app. Lets you chat with your favourite authors as well as other readers.

Fun and Entertainment Apps for Students-

Angry words: It is a scrabble-type game that not only relaxes your mind but also helps to increase your lexicon. Vibrant for brain activity, grab this students!

Kindle: A recreational as well as an academic app. Two in one app! Encompasses Text books, novels, and study guides. Can use it for some casual reading as well.

Pandora Internet Radio: All the music lovers, Pandora Internet Radio is the app for you! With this app, you will get to hear a big reservoir of popular recordings, both old and new. Also, lets you create personalized radio stations through a free account.

Learning Apps for Students-

SimpleMind : A must app for visual learners! Helps to formulate ideas, gather and represent information, facts, thoughts, and so on. With SimpleMind , it's easy to jot down the ideas and bridge the gap between ideas and tangible content that you can feel confident turning in.

Nearpod: With Nearpod, Students can receive informative Slides, quizzes, Draw Its, Videos, Websites, and so on, given by the teacher. Interactive presentation platform!

Math Blocks: An app that has math games for students. Helps kids to do basic math operations-addition and subtraction in no time. Fun lesson, learned lesson!

Vocabla: An app that helps students translates and memorizes words. Increase vocabulary.  Encompasses words lists, multiple-choice tests, flashcards, translations, and more. Learn Language better with Vocabla!

Interactive Science Glossary: A study tool for learning about 100 life science terms and concepts, presented through simulations, flashcards, videos, and science content.

Word Wizard:
An app that lets children hears the sounds of words and letters using a speaking movable alphabet. This app can speak and check over an infinite number of original words and sentences. Best for younger pupils and those with special needs!
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