Sports Facilities Managers Career

Communication skills is key, along with an interest in sports, fitness and the fitness goals of others, coupled with an understanding of business operations to become Sports Facilities Manager. This job is considered service oriented and often considered thankless, nevertheless, it’s an essential part of sports played in various facilities.

Sports Facility Manager is responsible for management of sports arena or stadium including a host of administration services, soft services and technical services. They manage the operation and maintenance of sports facilities (buildings, grounds, and related equipment) used on -football stadium, golf courses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, baseball/softball fields, tennis courts, ice rinks, or track and field facilities. These professionals work behind the scene to put up any successful sports events- golf, basketball or football so that you can sit comfortably to enjoy the game in the facilities.

Role of Sports Facilities Managers

  • Coordinates, plans, and supervises the operation and maintenance of sports facilities.
  • Ensures that facilities are maintained and equipped for athletic competition.
  • Necessary preparation (such as marking of playing fields or the setting up and dismantling of equipment, bleachers, or chairs) is scheduled for practice sessions and competition.
  • Ensures the security of sports facilities.
  • Maintains cooperative relationships with persons in charge of other facilities used in connection with sports competition.
  • Responsible for the inventory of equipment and supplies used in assigned area.
  • Prepares annual budget recommendations regarding assigned areas of responsibility.

Skills needed to be Sports Facilities Managers

  1. Managerial ability
  2. Ability to make decisions
  3. Supervisory ability
  4. Communications and interpersonal skills

Some Job Titles

  • General and Operations Managers (with bachelor’s degree)
  • Fitness Trainers/Aerobics Instructors
  • Golf Course Manager
  • Ice Arena Manager
  • Greenskeepers/Groundskeepers

Where to study

There are many ‘college and university programmes’ worldwide in sports sciences and sports management. Sports Management is interdisciplinary programme. However, candidates with a bachelor’s degree and experience in sports management and related field are also hired. To find a suitable programme go to University Hub

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