Radiobiologist Career

Radiobiology is the science that deals with the action of ionizing radiation on biological tissues and their cellular and molecular components. Sometimes, Radiobiology is simply referred as Radiology. A person who study and specializes in Radiobiology is called Radiobiologist or Radiologist.

As a Radiologist you have to create plans for treatment of the patient based upon the results of the tests. You will explain their findings to other doctors, family members, and patients. Also, your responsibilities will be writing reports about test results, planning treatment and explaining to patients.

Radiologists can work in a clinic or a hospital. Radiologists who work in hospitals tend to work any shift, while those in clinics usually work a day shift. Nowadays, many radiologists transmit imaging results easily to other caregivers so they have less patient contact than other types of doctors.

Skills required for Radiobiologist

A Radiobiologist need to have several specialized skills as listed here: 
  • Academic excellence: Radiology is a highly competitive field. You need to be a top grader in medical programme.
  • Detail Oriented: The issues in this field can be life or death for the patient. A radiologist must be able to focus and not miss any detail in the imaging results. 
  • A thorough understanding of human anatomy. 
  • A thorough understanding of the wide array of medical imaging devices, their use, and how to interpret their results. 
  • A thorough understanding of medical diagnosis and treatment procedures and plans. 
  • A highly analytical mind. 
  • Teamwork – From clinical rotations, residencies, to practice, the prospective radiologist must always be able to work on teams of other doctors in a positive manner that supports the patient's progress. 
  • Great communication skills with other doctors and patients. 
  • The ability to stay abreast of the latest new information in the field.

Where to study Radiobiology

To find medical schools teaching Radiology and detailed admission requirements go to University Hub.
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