Cryptocurrency as a Career

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency powered by cryptography. It has built-in security features that makes it difficult to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency is decentralized which means instead of an institution (for example Central Bank) acting as a gatekeeper, a network of computers maintain distributed ledgers and run the programs that maintain the currency's authenticity.
The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto in the quest of decentralizing the financial system. Bitcoin has no central bank or authority. All transactions done in Bitcoin are maintained through a network of computers that manage the records. Bitcoin being the first cryptocurrency holds the largest market share. Other "altcoins" such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero are also available.
Candidates interested in cryptocurrency whether for knowledge or business purposes can learn online. Also, there are many course providers in Cryptocurrency. In a typical course, for example; ‘the fundamentals of cryptocurrency’ you will study following topics:
  • Blockchain technology and fundamentals
  • Cryptography and cryptographic hash functions
  • Real-world aspects of Bitcoin such as wallets, mining, and transactions
  • Methods for preventing network attacks

Opportunities in cryptocurrency

There is no central authority to control cryptocurrency. However, you can learn about it and build a career in cryptocurrency. Some potential careers in the field include:
  • Cryptocurrency analyst
  • Business development representative
  • Data scientist
  • Financial analyst
  • Machine learning engineer

Cryptocurrency Jobs and Skills Required

New job opportunities are created continuously in the Cryptocurrency job market. It’s a complete industry with a distinct vision. To work in Cryptocurrency you need the following type of expertise.
  • In-depth understanding of Cryptography
  • Sound knowledge of Cybersecurity including Encryption technologies
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages
  • Strong command of the economics underlying cryptocurrencies
  • Basic knowledge of market theory and finance concepts
  • Blockchain Expertise; it’s the foundation for cryptocurrencies
The journey for cryptocurrency careers can be pretty challenging. However, it has a promising future. In the coming years demand for crypto professionals will be high. You can start your career as a crypto professional with the flexibility of choosing from diverse job roles. The notable skills you need for building a career in cryptocurrency include blockchain, cryptography, programming, and knowledge about economics in crypto.
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