FAQs for Parents With 4 to 7 year Old Children

Raising toddlers is not an easy task. As a parent you could be having a lot of questions for the teachers or counsellors in school. Given below are some frequently asked questions. If you have any question, do feel free to mail us.

My 4-year old is over curious? Is it healthy?

Right now, your little ones are exploring everything and anything around them. Curiosity is a part of the learning process and you should be glad that he/ she is looking around. Rather, not being curious would be something unhealthy for a child this age. However, it is you who should know how to answer these queries and curious questions. Saying “I don’t know” is not the correct approach. Encourage their natural trait by giving a rationale explanation, which they can associate with.

What is the difference between self discipline and disciplining?

They are just two sides of the same coin. When you are trying to discipline your child, you might come across as authoritative or being commanding. Shouting, screaming, etc. are not going to help either. You can simply display or portray better habits around. Let them learn rather than being taught. And you will notice a drastic change in their attitude.

My 6 year old daughter comes home with many works-sheets that are marked incomplete. Is it because she is slow?

The best way to address this issue would be speaking to the class teacher. It is possible that she is not slow, but just distracted. And you can always get her to practice more with you, at home, if she seems to be lagging behind. Her class teacher to can guide her more in case she has trouble following.

The teacher mentioned that my 6 year old keeps sucking on things in school like pencils. I have tried everything but…

If there is a but, there is something amiss. It is not really a Herculean task to get rid of a bad or negative habit. But finger sucking, thumb sucking in kids who are in primary school is not something that is appreciate. Plus, there is also the hygiene factor here where the child may be getting germs and infectious elements into their body. You can start off by giving them choices and disciplining behavior in a way that they are distracted at home. Also, ask the teacher to help in the process.

Being almost 4, my child still gets confused about colors. How can I help in getting a better knack of the same.

Try being creative on these habits of learning. If you just put a plate of veggies in front of them. Red tomatoes, green broccoli, etc. is a great way to kick starts the process.

Am I being my child's worst critic?

No child appreciates or likes the constant touch of negativity that parents tend to keep adding. Be it academics or their regular behavioral patterns, too much of negativity is not anything that we appreciate ourselves. So imagine if the child has to keep hearing the no word every time along with being denied simple pleasures - that he or she finds fun. The approach that parents should take here would be empathy rather than just going by the book and criticizing their little ones. Be a critique but tactfully put forth your ideas and notions.

How to restrict curiosity on the academic front?

In any toddler, restricting curiosity means putting a stop on the learning process. Remember that older kids, especially the 5 -year-old age group, are rather naturally curious about their world, especially academic world. For them the process of learning is all about testing and experimenting with everything around them. So hearing the 'no' can pour cold water on this natural curiosity. Rather than saying no - try diverting their minds or distracting them. When curious, let them explore or channelize this energy on newer learning processes rather than saying now.

My child is well behaved in school but not at home. How to set a good behavior example?

Your 4 year old is an angel in school - but once they get home, all hell breaks loose! When you go out for dinners or other social interactions, you find their behavior to be rather unexpected. Sympathetic eyes of other parents often meet yours – amidst the screaming and shouting little ones. But not all would know or be aware of these temperaments in children. For instance, if your child is blowing bubbles in water or chocolate shake, you can tell them why not sit in the tub post this meal. This way, you can blow bubbles there. Also, any object that leads to behavioral tantrums should be kept out of reach. You can also take a coloring book or toy to keep them distracted during this period.

My child is relatively well behaved at school and home. But when it comes to a public place like a mall or park, he/ she throws a tantrum?

At school, your child’s behavior is based on modulation. Punishment or schooling for being ill-behaved is something that makes a difference here. So you refused an ice cream and your 4 year old sat on the floor in the mall and started screaming. Don’t give in or simply reward their behavior to stop them. The best thing would be to walk away or not give them attention. Sure with people staring at you it is not going to be easy, but you have to try because if you give in once, they will expect the same every time.

How to deal with a 4 year old who refuses to pay attention or seems very distracted in class?

As a teacher, you may notice that 1-2 kids seem distracted or don’t pay attention. Why not try doing something different to get their attention. Think of may be talking with voice modulation or have some visual/ digital movies. They may be more interested in outdoor learning. With a little patience and persistence, you should get there in no time.

Though my son is turning 5 this month, he is still using both hands for coloring. Is that normal?

Many kids use both hands for coloring, writing, etc. till the age of 5. However, what you should do and also encourage your child to do is focus on one using hand. Observe which hand he uses most for playing or tossing the ball, etc. You can also ask his class teacher to keep an eye and urge him to use one hand. If the problem persists after a month, it is best to consult a doctor and understand if there are issues with motor skills.
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