FAQs for Young Adults

I am about to finish school and will be turning 18. But I am unable to decide between studying management or law? I love both subjects so am utterly confused?

The best way to go about this would be taking an aptitude test to see towards which field do your core competencies lie. It is possible that you may have a better aptitude for any one. Also, if there are some intern or part time opportunities available in either area, you can consider doing temporary work to discover your inherent skills.

I recently broke-up with my girlfriend of 3 years. As a result I am unable to concentrate in class and my grades are going for a toss. I am worried that I will miss out on the chance of getting into a good college because of this!

It is never easy to get over a breakup and 3 years is a long time. However, you can talk to friends, family or even your teacher for helping you overcome this difficult phase. You should have the confidence that you want to get through a good institute and forget everything else right now. And don’t loose heart.

Should I take a break from studies and work for a year to get some experience and try to focus on my inherent skills rather than just going to college?

A lot of students prefer taking an year off or some time off to work in different fields and work on their core competencies. In fact, you will get some good exposure here along with relevance experience before entering college. You also get the benefit of choosing a subject that you really enjoy. So give it some thought and make a checklist of pros and cons before making the decision.

I want to pursue medicine as a career option but there are financial restrictions? Considering my passion for this field, I don’t want to switch careers.

There are a lot of fields available in medicines that are not very expensive on the educational front. Many banks and institutions also offer merit cum means scholarship to students. You can do a diploma in nursing or similar field and work in the healthcare industry for a while. This way you will get firsthand experience and also work your way up the ladder and save more for your medical degree.

My parents are expecting me to take up either engineering or medicine as my college subject. But frankly my interest lies towards literature and art. In fact, I am considering taking up English literature or even fine arts as a college degree.

There is nothing wrong in pursuing the subject of your choice, as you would be responsible for your success and failure. Don’t get pressurized rather reason with them about your career choices and why you are selecting the same.

Education now has become a pressure game. All my friends are taking extra classes and have set up their career plans, but I am not really sure if I even want to go to college. Is it an unwise decision?

It is always suggested to have an educational degree as a back up or something to fall back on. Whether you do a business or take up a job. And if you don’t want to take extra classes or double degrees that’s just your call! You may brush up your skills but if you think your know- how is sufficient from class, don’t bother. Good grades do help in your success but it is not the only yardstick.

Peer pressure seems to be getting on my nerves. I have a brother who always got straight As and has got through a premiere college. But my grades are not that good and my parents are always comparing me with him. I sometimes just feel like quitting studies because of this.

It is best to discuss this issue with your parents rather than letting it take a toll on your learning competencies. You should focus on doing things that you enjoy and excel at rather than letting peer pressure get to you. No two individuals are alike. Pursue an educational degree that you like and enjoy so that you can ace the same.

I am 18 -year-old boy who loves fine arts. Be it painting, music, or any other form of art, I seem to have a creative bent towards these fields. But subjects like math, science, etc. rarely interest me. Though history and political science I still enjoy. What field of education should I pursue?

Seems like you have already answered your questions. Since arts gets the best out of you, why not go for a degree in fine arts or even music. If you are someone who wants to step into the glamour world, you can do something like fashion designing or graphic designing too. Plus, with an interest in history, you can combine your passion for art and explore specializations in medieval art or something like that.

I am an athlete who is just an average student. But be it basketball, football or any other sport, I am a pro at these. Recently, I have started getting scholarship offers for college - with a chance to play on their team. I want to choose a safer degree option where I study less and can focus on my sports.

Pick from a subject that interests you. These days you can get degrees relevant in fields of physical fitness or education. If the college you choose doesn’t have the same, then find out about your core competencies and interest via counseling. Pursuing a degree in a subject that you love would make learning simpler and easier.

To ensure that I get good grades in high school, I study at least 2-3 hours everyday. But this barely leaves me with time to hang out with my friends. I am very focused on getting through an elite institution and don’t want any regrets.

On the academic front, if you have a quick learning adaptability, everyday study would definitely get you an upper edge. But if you feel that you are losing on time socializing then may be you can cut down an hour in the evening and get up early in the morning to make up for that time. Or may be take a break during the weekends so that you can enjoy this time out with friends and family.
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