Learning Style for Adolescents

Teenage years are very tricky years. Children are filled with too much of responsibility with too little freedom. Along with hormonal changes, a teenager also undergoes mood swings and misunderstandings. Their learning styles might also change with growth and development. But before designing their lessons, a teacher should be aware of her communication style as it also shapes their learning style.
  • If they understand the written word, write a message that will help them understand things better and if they are auditory, then the best method of communication is to talk to them.
  • If teenagers are right-brained, which means they are more creative and artistic, then parents should use anecdotes, and if they are left brained then use facts for communication.
  • While explaining things to right-brained people one should start with an overview and objective while for left-brained people, one should start at the beginning.
For children of modern age, there are more than the basic types of learning that a child of this age-group can develop. Each child’s learning is different and they are determined by their preference which might have changed from the earlier phase.

Social Learning Style – At this stage children become more social. They make new friends and friends which influence them a lot. Middle school students interact with children on a daily basis and their major learning takes place in this phase.

Aural learning Style – Students who learn more by listening, should be able to filter distractions. It is imperative to have a conducive environment where noise is at its minimum. These children learn best when working groups.

Visual – As a teacher one should keep the classroom visually attractive and avoid repetition. Believe it or not even middle school children learn by seeing. They can even spot things which you might feel inconsequential.

Physical –
Unlike aural or visual, many children including teenagers learn just by playing or hands on activities. They follow instructions and work on various activities rather than listening or writing about it.

Logical Learning – The brain at this stage is still trying to grasp new things and is in the development stage to gain full maturity. Adolescents are moving from concrete operations to formal operations. But some still try to use their logical power to learn things. Instead of discouraging, one should be encouraged to nurture this style of learning.

Solitary – Many love to study on their own and discover things at their own pace. They are best when they are left to themselves and given the freedom to study independently, they can excel. Though most parents would still try to guide them, but direct intervention is not enjoyed by these children.
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