Importance of Co-curricular Activities for Teenagers

Today education is beyond the academic gamut. It is now a much broader concept and right from the start it has traversed beyond the four walls of the classroom. The main aim of education is to foster all round development which means physical, intellectual and social development. All round development takes place through education but education should not be limited only to academics.

It has been seen that though children at a young age actively participate in various activities, as they grow older they tend to concentrate more on academics than extra-curricular activities. Many parents believe that spending more time on studying guarantees success in future. However, physical activities outside regular academics positively impact students’ success. Basketball, baseball, soccer, chess, dramatics help in giving a child holistic development.

Why are Extra Curricular Activities Important for Teenagers

Strengthens the Mind

Problem solving and in-depth reading will no doubt strengthen the mind but co-curricular activities will make the mind stronger. It will help the teenager to face real life problems and make you stronger than ever before. Knowledge from the books will definitely enlighten one, but high-endurance sports will teach a teenager to resolve issues and resilience.

Time Management

As a teenager, an individual is already experienced with time management. Having to handle tests, projects and coursework at the same time, teenagers are already adept with time management skills. With extracurricular activities, a teenager can further master the skill of time management much better. A music lesson in between hectic schedule or a swim in the evening pool will help recharge the brain after a gruelling day at work.

A good social circle

While going to school and having friends from various circles is important, at the same time one should look beyond that. More often than not, a teenager can meet people with similar interests if they attend hobby classes and that will help them enhance their social circle which was earlier limited to only school friends. Making friends at an older age is more difficult and this will only help them become better individuals.

Professional Skill training

Any after school activity can be directly or indirectly linked with professional skills. Debating clubs can help a teenager learn public speaking skills. Team sports will inculcate team building spirit and also grit and determination. These activities also develop teenagers to face various adversities of life.

Exploring wider interests

There is an old adage – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! And who wants a dull boy! Well if you don’t want to be one, then students should explore beyond the academic interests and pursue a hobby of their own. This will give teenagers maximum exposure to try new things in life.
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