Career Path - Step by Step

This career guide is a collection of articles that will enable all entities (parents, teachers, and educationists) shape the future of the children. This is also a useful guide for students and young adults to understand their learning styles and aptitude that will help them to take the right career decision for themselves.

For Children (Age group: 3 years to 10 years) for parents

Every phase of a child is different and it requires different levels of understanding and learning. As a child grows and starts learning new things, his or her learning styles also change with age. Every child is unique and requires individual attention. Parents play an important role in the development of child from the very beginning and it is the parents who take the most important decisions till the age of 10 years at least. However, with children being exposed to all new inventions, gadgets and discoveries, they are enlightened at an early age and mature fast to have a decision of their own. But it is imperative for parents and educators to show them the correct path and support them in everything they do. It is important to choose a variety of activities for your kids at this stage so that they can start making small choices of their own. As a parent or as an educator, it will also help you to understand your child’s learning abilities.

For Students (Age group: 11 years to 17 years) for parents and children

This is a crucial stage in a child’s career growth. The children reach a stage where they are able to make a decision of their own. By this time, it is important for parents to develop a holistic relation with their children. Communication is key to the development of the child. A child develops his or her learning style which could be either visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Building a career around the interest of the child is important. It is at this stage that a child understands whether or not he or she is interested in academics or in any other field. Once that is sorted, it would not be difficult for a child to sail through is his or her life.

For young adults (Age group: 18 years and above)

Young  child is now an adult and most of the important career related decisions are taken by the young adult. By this time a child can understand his or her abilities and is confident of his or he decision. An young adult chooses his career path and works towards his or her career goal. However, it is important that you  make the right career choice by weighing the pros and cons. A wrong career move at this stage can hurt lifetime. You should not take an impulsive decision but go by your competency and liking. To ensure that you have made the right choice, take advise from parents and teachers. They will guide you with the best possible suggestion.

For Teachers and Schools

Any child on an average spends about 14 years in school - the maximum in any institution perhaps. It is at this time, that the child grows, matures and understands the complexities of life. The character of an individual is shaped in the years spend in school. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping the character of an individual just like a seed that grows and becomes a full grown tree. A good teacher has the ability not only to teach well but to understand the individual needs of each child and work towards it. A school should allow a child to blossom in a free and open atmosphere so that a child can have a smooth journey in her or her vital years.

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