Architectural and Engineering Managers as Career

To manage an Engineering/Technology enterprise or Architectural firm whether small, medium or large requires analytical bent of mind, clear communication ability, readiness to take bigger challenges, ability to take ownership and not only responsibilities and never say no attitude. An Engineering Manager should be always ready to handle best case scenario and worst case scenario. Strong leadership skills with knowledge of related technology and management puts engineering managers separate from the rest of the management professionals. Universities like to get you early in the domain, there are plenty of courses in Architectural and Engineering Management offered worldwide.

Engineering Management is not about to become boss of your work group but to turnout out into a leader who can direct all those individuals to get to results and subsequently get back the result in a specified time through a common stream. Also being an Engineering Manager it’s your responsibility to minimize leakages and maximize profits to enterprise. You would be responsible to get results in least time for your venture. Job opportunities are very high for qualified engineering managers. Industry needs you from across the disciplines of sciences and engineering.

If you like engineering and at the same time would like to enhance your option of advancement in management to plan, direct, coordinate activities in architecture and engineering by leading a team then pursue career as an Architectural or Engineering Manager.  Engineering management opportunities exist in many industries. Most engineering managers work first as engineers before advancing into management positions. They determine technical goals, such as improving manufacturing or building processes, or developing new products or designs, and then they make detailed plans to accomplish these goals.

Role of Architectural or Engineering Managers

  • Coordinate and direct projects
  • Accomplish goals and directing the integration of technical activities
  • Present and explain proposals, reports, or findings to clients
  • Direct, review, and approve product design and changes
  • Recruitment of  employees and their supervision maintenance of staff competence
  • Perform administrative functions
  • Prepare budgets and analyze their feasibility
  • Analyze technology resource requirement
  • Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and technical work
  • Set scientific and technical goals within broad outlines provided by top management
  • Evaluate environmental regulations or social pressures related to environmental issues 
  • Identify environmental threats or opportunities associated with the development and launch of new technologies.

Skills of Architectural or Engineering Managers

Analytical Skills: Architectural and engineering managers should be able to evaluate information and solve complex problems.
Communication Skills: Architectural and engineering managers oversee staff and confer with other levels of management. They must be able to communicate well to lead teams in meeting goals. 
Detail Oriented: Architectural and engineering managers must pay attention to detail. Their duties require an understanding of complex systems, and a minor error can cause major :.
Mathematical Skills: Architectural and engineering managers use calculus and other advanced mathematics to develop new products and processes.
Organizational Skills: Architectural and engineering managers keep track of many workers, schedules, and budgets all at once.
Technical Skills: Managers in these fields must thoroughly understand the specific area (architecture or a specific type of engineering) that they are managing.

Some Job Titles 

Engineering Manager, Project Engineer, Project Engineering Manager, Project Manager, Director of Engineering, Chief Engineer, Civil Engineering Manager, Principal Engineer, Process Engineering Manager, Supervisory Civil Engineer

Where to study Architectural and Engineering Management

The university departments, engineering colleges, institutes of higher education and engineering and technology schools across world offers study programmes in Architecture and Engineering Management. Integrated / Dual Degree programmes are also offered. Many engineering schools delivers MBA and Business Masters for the training of College Grads in Engineering and Architecture. For detailed information about Study Programmes and Courses in Architecture and Engineering Management go to our University Hub.

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