AI Research as a Career

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is among top career options today. If you have passion to find new things AI Research may be a suitable career option for you. However, to become an AI Researcher you need to accomplish qualification and skills required for an AI Engineering Career.

Steps to become AI Researcher

  • Step 1: Obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Science
  • Step 2: Sharpen Technological Fluency
  • Step 3: Seek a Position within the AI Field
  • Step 4: Stay Current on AI Trends
You can begin your AI Research Career after completion of a Bachelor's degree. However, a Ph.D is preferred.

AI Researcher Salaries

Researchers working in the field of Artificial Intelligence can expect to earn high wages. A lot depends on the size of the organization, its goals and vision. The exact amount that you’ll earn varies from one job to another; you can generally expect to earn more than $46,310 annually according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

AI Researcher's Job Titles

Companies may advertise for requirement of AI Researchers under following job titles
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • AI engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • AI researcher
  • Research Scientist
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • ML scientist
  • Natural language processing
  • AI Analyst
  • AI Architect
  • Machine learning Lead
  • AI ethicist
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Product Management
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Adjunct Faculty Position In Artificial Intelligence
  • AI designer
  • Data Ecologists
  • Researcher
Generally companies looking for a Ph.D talent often advertise as AI Research Scientist or AI Researcher etc.

AI Researchers General Responsibilities

  • To design and develop new artificial intelligence algorithms for media synthesis, anomaly detection, speech recognition, etc.
  • Implement and test new deep learning algorithms.
  • Write and maintain good quality code.
The AI Research Scientist is among 10 Jobs in the field of AI job market.
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