Belize as a Study Destination

Belize is located on the north-eastern coast of Central America. It is situated on the Caribbean coast between Mexico and Guatemala. It has landscapes of lust tropical forests with wonderful ancient Mayan temples, warm and lovely climate, terrestrial and marine species, and beautiful beaches.

The country has much to offer as great destination for both education and adventure. From its unique history to the Mayan ruins, along with the coral reefs and forests, Belize is a superb country for all students to learn, explore and experience. Additionally, Belize is a stable democracy, which makes it a safe study destination. Following are the reasons to study in Belize:

Academic Opportunities

Belize provides many opportunities for pupils who are interested in subjects, such as sustainable development, natural ecology, and environmental science.

Blend of Cultures and Rich History

Regardless of its status as the only English–speaking country in Central America, Belize has unique and rich blend of cultures with Mestizo, Maya, Chinese, Creole, Mennonite, European, Garifuna, and East Indian calling it home. There are many different cultures prevailing in Belize. This unique mix of cultures makes it an exciting place to study anthropology, sociology and archaeology. This country is safe and friendly. 

Cost-Effective Study Destination

Belize is a cost effective place to study. Studying and living in Belize is reasonable and easy.   

Many Scholarships Offered

The Government of Belize offers many scholarships directly through the Ministry of Education. Also, many other scholarships are provided through agreements with other countries through the Ministry or through other ministries.
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