Study and Living in Barbados

As a student there are many questions running through your mind like living expenses, tuition, housing, etc. Read the post to know about all the practicalities of student life- the costs of study and living in Barbados, student accommodation options, transportation, and more.. 


Following are the student housing options available in the Barbados:

Halls of Residence: Some of the higher education institutions in Barbados provide their own accommodation, such as halls of residence. All the necessary facilities are offered. 

Off-campus accommodation: Students can go for rented flats or apartments. Rental of 1 to 4 bedrooms apartments are available.

Living with a host family: With this option, the student gets to know closely the culture and tradition of the country and its people, and even learn and/or master its official language.

Study and Living Expenses 

The study costs vary depending on the level of study and institution.

Accommodation Costs: The living cost varies depending on the location, facilities and lifestyle. Students can expect to pay  BDS$750.00 or US$375.00 per month.


The Ministry of Transport & Works of Barbados supervises and manages the affairs of the country’s roads, highways, and the public transport system.

Public Transport

Public transport options in Barbados comprises of buses, taxis, share taxis, known as "ZRs", and car rentals. In Barbados, it is easy and comfortable to get around the country by means of public transport. The public transport in the Barbados is well-established.

Getting Around by Bus 

Buses are easily available in the country. The standard bus fare in Barbados is BDS$2. There are many government as well as privately run buses in Barbados. The minibuses are yellow with a blue stripe, while the government buses are blue with yellow stripe. Public government buses have a predetermined fare system. The public bus is free students under the age of 18; they must have a valid institution ID to get the benefit. 

Travelling In and Around by Vans

Vans are one of the private transport options in Barbados. The ZR vans are white coloured with a maroon stripe. The ZRs are privately owned and have short routes and are smaller than minibuses. The ZRs have a fixed rate. 

Getting Around by Taxis

Taxis are a great way to travel around Barbados. There are many local taxi companies operating in Barbados.

Getting Around by Rental Cars 

Many vehicle rental agencies are operating in Barbados that offer car rental services.  They provide a range of vehicles from luxury cars to vans.

Work While Studying

In order to work in Barbados, individuals must have a valid work permit. Students are not allowed to work whilst on a student visa.
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