Accrediting Agencies

Barbados has improved the educational system after independence. This Caribbean country has concentrated on the development of education to remove illiteracy.  Many international colleges are operated in Barbados. These colleges provide the standard training to students at low cost. Modern teaching methods are applied to train students scientifically. The main advantage of doing higher studies in Barbados is the strong English speaking community. Local folks can speak and understand English. Therefore, students who come from the UK and the USA have little problems to communicate with their teachers.

Important Accrediting Agencies in Barbados

  • Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHR)
    The implementation of the Human Resource Development (HRD) Strategy would fall under the mandate of this Ministry. It is responsible for the formulation of education-related and development policies, and for the administration and regulation of associated programmes. See more details.

  • Barbados Accreditation Council
    This agency focuses on developing a coherent system of post-secondary or tertiary education and training which assures excellence. One of its main roles is the registration of institutions offering post-secondary or tertiary education and training, and the accreditation of programs of studies and institutions in Barbados. This accreditation provides recognition of qualifications and transferability locally, regionally and internationally.This agency plays an important role in quality assurance through the accreditation and re-accreditation of programs and educational institutions. It seeks to develop and sustain a quality culture in post-secondary or tertiary education and training. See more details.

  • Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council
    The Council is mandated to plan, coordinate, and establish standards and qualifications for technical and vocational education and training. A critical dimension of its activities is the establishment of a National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) framework. These NVQs are qualifications that reflect the skills, knowledge and understanding an individual possesses in relation to a specific area of work. The NVQ will signify that the person to whom it is awarded has met the established national occupational standards of competence. See more details.

Purposes of Accrediting Colleges in Barbados

To maintain the quality and standard of the tertiary education in Barbados, the government has prioritized the accreditation programs to allow college authorities to run their institutes. Whether it is regional or national educational center, the accreditation is a must to operate the educational institute.  The objective of accrediting educational institutes in Barbados is to detoxify the environment in the college by controlling the unfair means. Students should not be misguided by providing low quality education. Therefore, Government of Barbados has changed the old law by restricting the activities of fake agencies, organizations and educational centers.  Students must be obedient to their senior faculties. They will have to be accountable to the management of the training institute. If they have any problem, they must talk to their superiors without distorting facts. Accredited colleges have strict guidelines for students to follow. Students are properly trained by experienced faculties.

Different  Benefits of College Accreditation

An accredited college is not merely an educational center. It provides other decent recreational programs. Students get scope to develop their skills in a friendly ambiance. Teachers are duty bound to train their junior students.  Students can even upgrade their moral strength. So, there are many benefits of accrediting colleges. The basic standard of primary, secondary and tertiary improves if schools and colleges are accredited. Now-a-days, young generation faces competition to get jobs, and to establish their academic careers. For this reason, colleges and universities must modify the old patterns of providing education/training to students. There must be a parameter for the evaluation. All colleges and universities which get accreditation must ensure that there will be a peaceful environment for educating students.

Basic Formalities for College Accreditation

Educational institutes which apply for accreditation must submit necessary documents and papers to the educational council. There must be a well built infrastructure which should be spacious to house students. Every student should be well taken care of. If an institute fails to meet these basic requirements, the application for accreditation will stand cancelled.

In this connection, many accredited agencies have opened their own customer care service centers. Experts give their advices to clients regarding the accreditation of training institutes in Barbados. These consultants train customers how to do the necessary paperwork to get permission for accreditation. Internet has simplified the college accreditation process. Without doing the time consuming documentation, you can do form fill-up online. If necessary you can contact these online accrediting agencies for consultation. You will get financial aids to refurbish and reconstruct your institute which has been accredited.
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