Academic Year and Language of Instruction

The guiding principle of Barbados education system is rooted in the fundamental aspect that human resource is the key to all sorts of national growth that is – political, economic and social. The main focus is to enable all youngsters to be knowledgeable and creative in terms of thought and subject matter. This in turn helps them to become innovators and become problem solvers. The ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Culture, 1995 emphasizes and ensures on all these aspects in nurturing the future talents of the country.

Barbados education is compulsory for children between 5 to 16 years of age.

Education in Barbados can be categorized into four levels:
  • Nursery - 3 to 5 years
  • Primary - 5 to 11 years old
  • Secondary - 11 to 16 years
  • Tertiary - post-secondary students with no age limit
The schooling year is divided into three terms.
  • Term 1 - The first starts in the first week of September
  • Term 2 - Second term begins in the second week of January – first week in April
  • Term 3 - Final term is from April end – first week of July
The Ministry of Education and Human Resources is the governing body for all educational development and policies.

Language of Instruction

Barbados is often referred to  “Little England” in the area. The language of instruction in educational system holds important because of its relevance to the outside world or rather other nations of the world. Since Barbados has great influence of the British, the language of instruction is also English, as is the model of education. The strict adherence to English has been a key factor in making it a great place of study. Today due to its various best practices and initiatives, the country has emerged as a great place of higher studies to all its neighboring countries.

The English language as medium of instruction has also helped in acceptance of its students in other global universities and institutions.  English has also helped its meritorious students with exchange programs and migration to United States and England’s colleges. Another notable feat of Barbados education is the emergence of quality training manpower in education. They provide education to professionals from countries such as - Guadeloupe, Martinique, Venezuela and Colombia.

It is well known in providing all types of teachers training like
  • Vocational teachers training
  • Professional management
  • Technical
  • Basic teachers training
  • Other professional training in specialist services
Barbados is quite well known for its high standards of English education, in fact this has propelled to it achieving almost 98% literacy rate, which is incredible feat in that surrounding. The country possesses such an educational model that has upheld with its best practice and continues to showcase great achievements in standards and quality delivery. In fact after the success of Barbados, quite a few countries in that area have adapted to its model and practices. The Barbados model which provides free education from primary to tertiary level is globally recognized as one of the most successful models of education.

All this has helped in Barbados producing highly educated and trained workforce in the markets for USA, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, wider Caribbean, Northern America and parts of European market.
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