Studying and Living in Andorra

Andorra is an economical study and living destination. The country is following three different types of educational systems- Andorran, French and Spanish, thus making it a unique place to study. Read on to know about the public transportation, cost of study and living in Andorra, visa to study in Andorra and why study in Andorra: 

Why Study in Andorra?

Despite its diminutive size, the country has a decent university to study at- the University of Andorra. The cost of study and living is not very expensive in Andorra. The triple education system, beautiful climate and low cost of living make Andorra a unique and interesting place to study. Andorra has three education systems- Andorran, French and Spanish. Students in Andorra get to learn up to 4 languages- English, Catalan, Spanish and French. Andorra is growing rapidly because of its tourism industry.

Cost of Study and Living

Tuition fees: Students can expect to pay about 1800 Euro. Tuition fees vary depending on the level of study and programme of study. 

Average living expenses: The cost of living varies depending on the lifestyle. You can expect to spend about 1000 Euro per month.

Public Transportation

You can get around the county by bus. The tickets can be taken on the bus itself. In Andorra, express buses and interurban lines operate. Buses run on all the major routes covering all the areas-urban and rural communities. 

Express Bus: These are the most common and fastest mode of transport in Andorra. The express buses are orange in colour, and connect the urban centres of each district to the capital. 

Interurban lines: The interurban lines connect all of the towns on 6 different lines crossing the urban areas. The stops are available in the Main Street and route of the urban centres.

Andorran Student Visa

International students need a visa in order to enter Andorra. A student visa permits the international student to come to Andorra on a temporary basis to pursue the study programme in the country. Fill in the visa application form and submit it along with the required documents to your nearest Andorran embassy/consulate.
  • An acceptance letter issued by the educational institution in Andorra 
  • Proof of enough funds to support their study and living in Andorra
  • Tuition fees payment receipt
  • Proof of private medical insurance 
  • Proof of onward/return travel ticket
  • A valid copy of identity card
To know about the visa for Andorra, contact the nearest Andorran embassy/consulate. 

Embassies List

List of Andorra Embassies and Consulates in Foreign Countries-
  • Austria - Vienna , Embassy
  • Belgium - Brussels , Embassy
  • France - Paris , Embassy
  • Spain - Madrid , Embassy
  • Switzerland - Geneva , Permanent Mission
  • Portugal-Lisbon, Embassy 
  • United States - New York , Embassy
To know the contact details of the Andorran embassies abroad, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Andorra.

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