Snapshot of Andorra Education System

The Ministry of Education administers the education system in Andorra. Andorra follows three educational systems- French, Spanish and Andorran. Education in Andorra is compulsory for children aged 6 to 16.

Maternal Education

Maternal education in Andorra is for children aged 3 to 6 years. This educational level introduces the children to the social and physical environment. Basic words, expressions and gestures are used to teach children at this level.

First Teaching/Elementary Education

This educational level is compulsory for children aged 6 to 12. This level focuses on developing interpersonal relationships in social situations, and also develops the problem-solving, creative and aesthetic skills. This educational level provides basic arithmetic and language skills- Catalan, Spanish, English and French. 

Curriculum: Mathematics, social sciences, music, languages, science and technology, visual education, and physical education. 

Secondary Education/ Lower Secondary

Secondary education in Andorra is compulsory for children aged 12 to 16. Students who have completed first teaching educational level are eligible for this educational level. Secondary education in Andorra is divided into 2 cycles of 2 years each. This educational level provides basic education as well as professional, cultural and civic education. 

Curriculum: Mathematics, technology; language, literature and communication; artistic and musical education, social sciences and humanities, physical education, and nature and physical science.

Certificate awarded: Secondary education graduation certificate. Students who receive this certificate can go for high school education, vocational education, or for employment. 

High School Education

High school in Andorra is not compulsory and last for 2 years. Children aged 16 to 18 may attend high school in Andorra. Students who have completed secondary education are eligible for this educational level. 

  • Science and technology high school
  • Language and humanities high school
  • Art and communication high school
  • Economics and Social baccalaureate
Examination: At the end of the high school, students are required to undertake an exam- Official test baccalaureate (POB). Students who pass the exam are awarded a “baccalaureate or a bachelor’s degree”. This degree allows the students to go for higher education or for employment.

Vocational Education

Vocational education in Andorra is provided through classroom training or through training stay in the company. This educational level prepares students for a particular vocation. The language of instruction of this level is Catalan. 

Fields of study: Vocational diplomas (DEP) in following areas if provided:
  • Leisure and sports
  • Networks and microcomputers
  • Aesthetics, perfumes and cosmetics
  • Health professionals and social
  • Secretarial multilingual
Certificate awarded: Vocational diploma (DEP)

Higher Education

Higher education in Andorra is offered by one public university- the University of Andorra. The University of Andorra offers undergraduate, master’s and doctorate degree programmes. In Andorra, there are two private universities also- Universitat de les Valls and the Universitat Oberta la Salle.

Structure of Education in Andorra

The structure of education in Andorra is diverse as three school systems co-exists- Andorra, French and Spanish. In the Andorran and Spanish system, primary/elementary education last for 6 years, while in French system it last for 5 years. The first part of secondary education is of 4 years duration, and the upper secondary education is of 2 years duration. Upon successful completion of the upper secondary education, students can go for higher education.
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