A list of Top 10 countries with Highest Illiteracy Rate in the World

Lack of education implies illiteracy. In times where we acknowledge the significance of education, being illiterate is vice. Education is very important in almost all the nations of the world. A country having a large amount of illiteracy rate is bound to get downgraded and destroyed. As a matter of fact, illiteracy has a number of drawbacks. Presently education is of prime importance for every country and the illiterates need to equip themselves with modern trends of education so as to avoid getting ruined, owing to lack of good education. There are several nations that are present with the highest illiteracy rate, of which the top 10 are ranked below:

Top 10 Countries with Highest Rate of Illiteracy

  1. Albania (Year 2018): 98%
  2. Algeria (Year 2018): 81%
  3. American Samoa (Year 1980): 97%
  4. Antigua and Barbuda (Year 2015): 99%
  5. Argentina (Year 2018): 99%
  6. Armenia (Year 2017): 100%
  7. Aruba (Year 2018): 98%
  8. Azerbaijan (Year 2017): 100%
  9. Bahrain (Year 2018: 97%
  10. Belarus (Year 2018): 100%      
Researches show that over the years with an increase in population, the illiteracy rate has also increased in the world. This is getting dangerous and needs immediate attention. According to a recent survey, almost 27% of the world population is illiterate. And therefore, attention needs to be given so as to resolve this issue.

There are many reasons as to why the illiteracy rates are rising and some of them include, social, motivational and family problems. The country with highest illiteracy rate is Niger and the figure stands at 84.3%. This overwhelming population of Niger is not able to read, write or understand. Mauritania on the other hand, is the least illiterate among the list of 10 countries with an illiteracy percentage of about 60.1%. There are steps taken by world organizations on global level so as to make the world more literate.

With large amount of population especially in the less developed nations, the literacy figures are dropping. However, NGOs and United Nations are endeavoring so as to make situation better by providing education paraphernalia.

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