LSAT or Law School Admission Test is test designed for prospective law school candidates. This test takes place for four times in a year in the months of June, September or October, December and February. Furthermore, LSAT is managed by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) which measures reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiencies.

Test Structure

LSAT features five multiple choice sections and an unscored writing sample section. There are 99 to 102 scored items in modern tests. The questions in LSAT are based on logical reasoning, reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, unscored variable section and a writing sample.

There are two Logical Reasoning sections in LSAT. These are known as ‘arguments’, which are designed to test the candidate’s ability to analyze reasoning, critiques and arguments. This section consists of 24 to 26 questions, wherein each of them begins with a brief argument or a set of facts.

The Reading Comprehension contains four passages of 400 to 500 words with 5 to 8 questions on each of them. This complete section consists of 26 to 28 questions in total, wherein the candidates have to determine the main objective of the author, find particular information from the passage or describe the structure of the passage.

Analytical Reasoning is another section of LSAT that is termed as ‘logic games’. In this, one part consists of four games that belong to several categories such as grouping, matching and placing the elements in a correct order. Thus, each part of analytical reasoning contains 22 to 24 questions.

The Unscored Variable Section consists of one experimental section, which is referred to as ‘Variable Section’. This section is primarily used to test questions for future papers. It is not included in the total score and neither the candidates are informed about the questions that are a part of variable section.

Writing Sample belongs to the final section of LSAT test. The decision making abilities are tested in this part, wherein the candidates are provided with a problem and two options to choose from.

This section is not scored, but it can be used as a personal statement in some institutions.


Scoring is based on a scale from 120 to 180, wherein 120 is low and 180 is high. 150 is taken as a median score.


LSAT is an important tool used for admission process in many law schools, along with GPA. It forms the basis of admission in United States, Canada, University of Melbourne and Australia. However, nowadays it is taken into consideration with many other countries as well.

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